Dagestan Rebels Resist Russian Force

KARAMAKHI, Russia--Russian forces used artillery and air power yesterday in an attempt to rout the last Islamic militants from two villages in southern Dagestan but made little progress in clearing out the rebels.

In the western Novolakskoye district, the militants shot down a Russian attack helicopter and drove Russian forces back from a hilltop they were trying to capture.

And in neighboring Chechnya, President Aslan Maskhadov declared a general draft of all adult males and called for Russian-Chechen talks to avoid a wider war in the Caucasus region.

The Russian bombing runs on the southern Dagestani villages of Karamakhi and Chabanmakhi continued for the 14th day. The villages still are partly occupied by militants who imposed a strict version of Islamic law over them last year. About 400 to 500 fighters are believed to remain in the region.

Pinochet Greets Supporters on Coup Date

LONDON--Gen. Augusto Pinochet met supporters at his home on the 26th anniversary of his coup while scores of opponents demonstrated outside for the prosecution of the former Chilean leader.

Pinochet, 83, who is under arrest in Britain while he fights extradition to Spain to stand trial for human rights abuses, met for about 10 minutes with a group of senators and other supporters. He was joined by his wife, Lucia.

Pinochet, who led a coup that toppled elected president Salvador Allende in 1973, governed until 1990. He retained the powerful post of army commander until March 1998, then became a senator for life.

KLA Halts 2-Day Riot of Ethnic Albanians

KOSOVSKA MITROVICA, Yugoslavia--The Kosovo Liberation Army stopped two days of rioting in this divided town, telling ethnic Albanians to avoid trouble as NATO and the United Nations finish plans to transform the former rebel army.

Instead, the KLA called for an "organized protest" in the northwestern Kosovo city of Kosovska Mitrovica today.

About 60 ethnic Albanians assembled for a third day at the bridge over the Ibar River--the scene of rioting Thursday and Friday that left 184 ethnic Albanians, Serbs and French peacekeepers injured and one Albanian dead. The ethnic Albanians have been demanding free access to the Serb-controlled north bank of the river. The Serbs refuse to allow free movement, citing security fears.

More Deaths in Moscow Blast; 2 Arrested

MOSCOW--The death toll from an explosion that tore through a Moscow apartment building rose to at least 91, and investigators still could not say for certain what had caused the devastating blast.

Several officials, including Mayor Yuri Luzhkov, blamed the explosion on a terrorist attack. The Federal Security Service, the country's main intelligence agency, said two suspects had been arrested in connection with their investigation.

A security service spokesman refused to give any information about the suspects. The Interfax news agency said the two had been linked to a business located on the nine-story building's first floor, where the blast was said to have occurred.

German Bank Reports Shady Russian Link

FRANKFURT--Germany's biggest bank, Deutsche Bank, said it had notified public prosecutors about suspicious financial transfers that could be linked to an alleged Russian money-laundering scheme.

Rolf Breuer, chief executive of Deutsche Bank, said last week that it was possible that his bank and other German financial institutions had been used as intermediaries and that Deutsche Bank was investigating whether any suspicious transactions had occurred. Russian mobsters, officials and businessmen have siphoned billions of dollars out of the country and allegedly laundered them through at least one American bank.

Navy Man Dies in Training Off Sicily

The Navy said one sailor was killed and another was injured during a weapons training exercise aboard the Norfolk-based aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt in the Ionian Sea southeast of Sicily.

Aviation Storekeeper 3rd Class Richard King II of Southfield, Mich., 24, was killed, officials said. The injured sailor was not identified.


Zambian Forum on AIDS Draws Thousands

LUSAKA, Zambia--Thousands of people united in their fight against AIDS flocked into the Zambian capital Lusaka for a one-week conference seeking to stem the spread of an epidemic seen as a major threat to development in Africa.

Several presidents whose economies have been drastically damaged by the AIDS epidemic, including Zimbabwe's leader Robert Mugabe, are scheduled to speak about their struggle to halt the spread of the disease, which has decimated whole villages in parts of Africa.


Pakistani Police Impose Ban on Protests

KARACHI, Pakistan--Police arrested hundreds of opposition supporters and their leaders to prevent them from staging an anti-government rally in the port city of Karachi. The crackdown followed a government ban announced Friday on strikes and protest rallies in southern Sindh province, of which Karachi is the capital.

Police fired hundreds of tear gas shells into a crowd of a few hundred, who had gathered in an eastern neighborhood to demonstrate against Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

Party Activists Disrupt Indian Election

NEW DELHI--Election-related violence was reported across India as an estimated 77 million people chose members of Parliament in the second part of the five-day polls.

Party activists stole ballot papers or poured water into ballot boxes in an attempt to disrupt the voting in eight states where elections were conducted, said deputy election commissioner Subhas Pani. But compared with past elections, yesterday's polling was relatively calm, he said.


" In general, I do not agree with spying against one's country. My late husband did not agree with what I did."

-- Melita Norwood, a British woman who passed along nuclear weapons secrets to Moscow for more than four decades