An article in yesterday's Business section incorrectly identified the construction company in Fairfax County's Lafayette Business Park. It is Britt Construction Inc.

Because of incorrect information supplied by the Associated Press, a photo caption in yesterday's Business section transposed the identifications of Chase Manhattan Corp. Vice Chairman James B. Lee and Hambrecht & Quist Group Chairman Dan Case.

Leah Latimer will be reading from her new book, "Higher Ground: Preparing African-American Children for College," at 7 p.m. today at the Southeast branch of the D.C. public library, Seventh and D streets SE. She also will sign copies of the book. A column in yesterday's Prince George's Extra listed an incorrect date for the event.

An article Tuesday misstated the position of Rep. Thomas E. Petri (R-Wis.) on proposals to convert the Title 1 remedial education program into school vouchers, a change he supports.

An essay Monday on the 1950s, part of the Style series "What It Felt Like, Living in the American Century," mistakenly referred to the ship Queen Elizabeth II. It should have said the Queen Elizabeth. The essay Tuesday on the 1960s gave an incorrect date for the race riots in Watts, which occurred in 1965.

In the preview of children's television shows in last Sunday's TV Week, the network carrying "The Avengers" and "Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century" was listed incorrectly. It is Fox Broadcasting.

An Aug. 1 Travel section story about the Trail of Tears--the forced evacuation of Native Americans to the West in the late 1830s--incorrectly referred to a daguerreotype of the journey published in the Montgomery Advertiser in 1837. The illustration was an artistic reproduction of the event printed by the newspaper at a later date.