An article yesterday incorrectly reported the value of stock held last year by Tony Coelho, Vice President Gore's campaign chairman. The article said he owned 1.2 million shares of Service Corporation International stock, which would have been worth nearly $49 million at the time. In fact, a financial disclosure form shows Coelho owned SCI stock worth $1.2 million. The article also said Coelho is on the board of Crop Growers Corp. He resigned from that board in 1997.

Stephanie Ventura of the National Center for Health Statistics was misquoted in an article yesterday on mortality and birthrate trends. What she actually said was: "We're really not sure what else is going on. Other factors associated with low birth weight, like teen births, are down."

In an early edition yesterday, an article incorrectly reported the birthplace of Vice President Gore. He was born in Washington, D.C.

An article in yesterday's District Weekly incorrectly identified the occupation of Julio "Jay" Haddock Ortiz, the new chairman of the Commission on Latino Community Development in the District. He is president of Capital Hotels, which owns and operates the St. James Suites and Governor's House Hotel.

An article in yesterday's Virginia Weeklies gave an incorrect telephone number for information about the Senior Environment Corps of Northern Virginia. The correct number is 703-549-1607.

An article yesterday about a comparison of standardized test scores between African American students in D.C. public and Catholic schools incorrectly reported what number to call for a copy of the study. The number is 202-546-4400.

The community calendar in yesterday's District Weekly gave an incorrect location for two free films. "Pylon: Homage to William Faulkner" will be shown at noon tomorrow and "A Year With Beverly Pepper" at noon on Sunday, both at the National Gallery of Art, 600 Constitution Ave. NW.

An article Saturday reported that China sold M9 and M11 missiles to Iran. Military analysts say they do not believe that such a sale occurred.

An article last Friday on Communist China's 50th-anniversary celebration incorrectly reported when former leader Mao Zedong proclaimed, "The Chinese people have stood up." He made the statement on Sept. 23, 1949.