Train Crash Probe Ordered

LONDON--Searchers hanging from harnesses above deep drifts of ash sifted through the a charred railway car, looking for the remains of victims killed this week when two commuter trains crashed head-on.

Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott announced an investigation into rail safety under Railtrack, the company that owns and operates Britain's formerly nationalized rail service. Rail unions expressed disgust when they learned that some of the train cars involved in Tuesday's crash had been salvaged from another crash two years ago.

Forty people are known to have died when the trains collided two miles west of London's Paddington Station, Scotland Yard said. Police were checking a list of 64 other people who might have been on the train.

Clinton Urges Women to Work Together

REYKJAVIK, Iceland--First lady Hillary Rodham Clinton urged hundreds of female politicians, executives and activists to support each other in their battle for democracy and peace across the world.

"It's good to be reminded that one person can make a difference--one woman's voice, one woman's actions may turn the tide," she said at a conference on women and democracy in Iceland's capital. "Our voices must always be heard, but in order for them to be heard we need to support one another and we need to stand with one another."

Today, Clinton will deliver the keynote speech of the conference--the biggest international event in Iceland since the 1986 summit between President Ronald Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev.


Overseer of Police Shot, Killed in Haiti

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti--A former Haitian army colonel who was to head a government post that oversees the police was shot dead by gunmen in central Port-au-Prince, local radio stations reported.

Jean Lamy, a close friend of President Rene Preval, was traveling in his car Friday evening when gunmen opened fire, Radio Vision 2000 reported. He died shortly afterward of gunshot wounds to the head. Lamy, who was a consultant to Haiti's national police force, had been expected to replace Robert Manuel as secretary of state for public security. Lavalas, a political party founded by former president Jean-Bertrand Aristide, held violent protests in April and May calling on Manuel to resign. Protesters said Manuel was not doing enough to stop rising crime in Haiti.

Illegal Immigrant Boat Sinks; 5 Dead

GUATEMALA CITY, Guatemala--A boat filled with illegal Chinese immigrants sank Saturday off the Guatemalan coast. Five were killed and 38 were rescued, authorities said.

The shipwreck occurred in the Pacific Ocean off Chiquimulia, 70 miles south of Guatemala City. The boat sank during bad weather, Guatemalan immigration spokeswoman Sonia Ortiz said. It was believed the immigrants were headed to Mexico and planned to continue by land from there to the United States. Ortiz said the survivors would be deported.


Sudan's Speaker Gets New Powers

KHARTOUM, Sudan--Sudan's governing party gave the country's speaker of parliament sweeping powers over President Omer el-Bashir, party members said. After three days of deliberations, the National Congress reinstalled Hassan Turabi as its secretary-general, the highest post in the party. It elected el-Bashir, who also is commander of the armed forces and prime minister, to the ceremonial post of chairman.

Killer of Apartheid Architect BuriedJOHANNESBURG--Three friends and a handful of his Greek countrymen gathered to bury Dimitri Tsafendas, the South African parliamentary messenger who stabbed Hendrik Verwoerd, an architect of South Africa's apartheid system, to death in 1966.

Tsafendas, who died of pneumonia at the age of 81, had said that he killed Verwoerd in the Cape Town parliament on instructions from a talking tapeworm in his belly. He was spared execution because of his mental condition.


Explosion Kills Suspected Bomb Maker

NABLUS, West Bank--An explosion in an apartment building killed a Palestinian man whom police suspect had been preparing a bomb. The man had ties to the militant Islamic Jihad group, which has carried out bombings in Israel in hopes of wrecking Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, said a Palestinian security officer.

In the past, militant groups have carried out bombings to mark anniversaries. Islamic Jihad's leader, Fathi Shekaki, was killed on Oct. 26, 1995, in an operation attributed to Israel.

ASIATaiwan Urges China to Use Itself as ModelTAIPEI, Taiwan--China should push through democratic reforms using Taiwan as a model so the two can move closer to reunification, Taiwan's president said in the text of a National Day speech released on the eve of the holiday.

President Lee Teng-hui's comments about China were the strongest and most extensive since a devastating earthquake ripped open Taiwan last month, killing more than 2,200 people and demolishing thousands of homes.

Since the disaster, Lee has focused on rescue and rebuilding efforts, and has been reluctant to discuss Taiwan's most recent feud with Beijing in which Lee angered China by insisting that the two sides negotiate their differences as equal states, not as a local government in Taipei answering to a more powerful regime in Beijing.

Taliban Calls Explosion an Accident

KABUL, Afghanistan--An explosion in northern Afghanistan killed seven people and wounded 12 others, the Taliban-run Radio Shariat reported Saturday.

The explosion occurred outside the northern city of Mazar-e-Sharif as Taliban soldiers were loading explosives and weapons into a vehicle, according to the radio broadcast.

The Taliban, who rule 90 percent of Afghanistan, said the explosion was an accident and ruled out sabotage. The Taliban are battling their opponents in northern Afghanistan in an attempt to gain full control of the country.


"We were jailed and beaten for him when he was the opposition leader, but now that he's in power he has forgotten all his promises. He has turned this into a one-family government."

--Chaudry Mohammed Sarwar, a deputy mayor of Lahore and a longtime disciple of Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif

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