In yesterday's Sports section, a photo accompanying Good Counsel cross-country runner Matt Hanlon's account of his participation in the Georgetown Prep Cross-Country classic depicted another runner. Hanlon's photo appears above.

Because of a production error in some editions, several words were omitted from a front-page article yesterday on the shutdown of a bank in West Virginia. The sentences that were affected should have read:

Regulators have not talked publicly about the motive for the alleged coverup, and one federal official said they don't really know yet what happened. But it's clear Church and Graham were engaged in a mad scramble in the months leading up to the bank's closure to hide truckloads of documents from examiners stationed in the bank, according to an affidavit filed with the U.S. District Court in Charleston by FBI Special Agent Robert B. Selbe.

An article yesterday incorrectly reported that the Congressional Budget Office says GOP spending plans already have tapped into surpluses generated by Social Security taxes. The CBO has said that the spending plans are on target to tap into those funds.

An article yesterday on New Year's Eve plans should have said that the Westin Fairfax Hotel has sold six of its $1,299 "Y2K" packages for the holiday weekend.

An article in yesterday's Metro section incorrectly reported some results of the Virginia Standards of Learning tests. The percentage of schools meeting the state's benchmarks on the tests was 3 percent in 1998 and 7 percent this year. Student passing rates on each of the 27 exams ranged from 30 percent to 72 percent in 1998 and from 32 percent to 81 percent this year.

A brief in Saturday's Metro section gave the wrong phone number for the African American Women's Resource Center Inc. The correct number is 202-332-6561 for the center's after-school program for girls.