Domestic Violence Discussion

Comes Under Fire in Georgia

ATLANTA--An experiment in Georgia to spotlight the problem of domestic violence by encouraging men to express their feelings about battered women drew angry responses from people who said it portrayed men in a bad light.

On a men's room poster showing a battered woman with a black eye and a swollen lip, one man wrote: "What do battered women have in common? They don't listen."

Organizers of the campaign said the results--several torn posters and 15 returned scribbled with misogynistic or violent comments--did not surprise them.

"The results expose . . . the ideas that men really have of women," said Matt Karol, the author of the project supported by the YWCA and a women's group. "This is not a campaign against men, it's a campaign against sexism."

But Jean Douglas, whose organization shelters battered women, said not all men are tormentors: "I don't think the good guys let themselves be known."


* OAK LAWN, Ill.--One of two men sought for questioning in the slaying of the son of Rep. Bobby L. Rush (D-Ill.) was in custody yesterday but not considered a suspect, police said. Huey Rich, 29, died Friday after being shot Monday outside his South Side Chicago home by one of two gunmen posing as police officers.

* JASPER, Ala.--A jury recommended the death penalty Friday for bigamist Shonda Nichole Johnson, 30, who was convicted a day earlier of talking one of her three husbands--Timothy Richards--into shooting another--Randy McCullar--as he changed a tire in a church parking lot in 1997. Richards, who pleaded guilty to murder to avoid a death sentence, said his wife made him shoot McCullar so she could be cleared of a bigamy charge, which McCullar brought after Johnson married Bill McIntyre.

* PORTLAND, Tenn.--Five teenagers in a car police said may have been speeding were killed when their car rounded a curve and struck another vehicle head on Friday, killing the couple inside. The victims were Stephen L. Carney, 43, and his wife, Donna E. Carney, 39; siblings James H. Brassell, 16, Alicia D. Brassell, 13, and Redona Tiffany Brassell, 17; Joe Farquhar, 19; and Jamie Marie Green, 16.

* ANCHORAGE--Nearly a year after finishing third in the most expensive gubernatorial bid in Alaska history, former Republican candidate John Lindauer pleaded not guilty Friday to 22 misdemeanor counts and one felony count stemming from donations for his $1.9 million campaign that exceeded Alaska's $500 limit.

* ANN ARBOR, Mich.--Jan and Roberta DeBoer, who lost the battle for custody of Baby Jessica, now 8, divorced Friday after 17 years of marriage, citing the strain of the 2 1/2-year case. Earlier this month, Dan and Cara Schmidt, who won custody of the daughter Cara had given up for adoption before she changed her mind, said they, too, are divorcing.