Meets at 9:30 a.m.


Armed Services--9:30 a.m. Pending nominations. 216 Hart Office Bldg.

Armed Services--2 p.m. Emerging threats & capabilities subc. Threat of agricultural biological terrorism. Closed. 222 Russell Office Bldg. Followed by open hearing at 2:45 p.m. 608 Dirksen Office Bldg.

Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs--10 a.m. Securities subc. Changing face of capital markets & impact of electronic communication networks. 538 DOB.

Foreign Relations--3 p.m. Pending legislation. 419 DOB.

Indian Affairs--9 a.m. Mark up tribal self-governance amendments. Elementary & secondary education assistance reauth. 485 ROB.

Judiciary--Following first floor vote. Mark up pending legislation & nomination. President's Room, Capitol.

Judiciary--10 a.m. Victims' access to terrorist assets. 226 DOB.

Judiciary--1:45 p.m. Criminal justice oversight subc. Justice Department's response to international parental kidnapping incidents. 226 DOB.


Meets at 10 a.m.


Agriculture--10 a.m. Mark up pending legislation. 1300 Longworth House Office Bldg.

Banking and Financial Services--10 a.m. Housing & community opportunity subc. National Flood Insurance Program. 2128 Rayburn House Office Bldg.

Commerce--10 a.m. Energy & power subc. Mark up pending legislation. 2123 RHOB.

International Relations--10 a.m. U.S. policy toward North Korea. 2172 RHOB.

International Relations--1:30 p.m. Asia & the Pacific subc. Mark up pending legislation. 2225 RHOB.

Judiciary--10 a.m. Mark up pending legislation. 2141 RHOB.

Judiciary--2 p.m. Commercial & administrative law subc. Preventing federal agencies from pursuing policies of unjustifiable nonacquiescence in, & relitigation of, precedents established in federal courts. 2237 RHOB.

Resources--10 a.m. Fisheries conservation, wildlife & oceans subc. National Academy of Sciences to establish Coordinated Oceanographic Program Advisory Panel to report on feasibility & social value of a coordinated oceanography program. 1334 LHOB.

Resources--11 a.m. Mark up pending legislation. 1324 LHOB.

Rules--10 a.m. Legislative process subc. Impact of executive orders on the legislative process. H-313 Cap.

Science--10 a.m. Space & aeronautics subc. Future of Earth-to-orbit spaceflight. 2318 RHOB.

Science--2 p.m. Technology subc. Business challenges for small biotechnology firms. 2318 RHOB.

Transportation and Infrastructure--10 a.m. Economic development, public buildings, hazardous materials & pipeline transportation subc. Bellingham, Wash., hazardous liquid pipeline incident. 2253 RHOB.