The chart of Internet service providers in yesterday's Fast Forward section should have said Bell Atlantic's $20 price plan allows 150 hours of access each month and that the MSN Internet Access service carries 18,000 newsgroups. The chart also should not have listed Capital City Cyberlink, which is no longer based in the Washington area and no longer provides customer support via a toll-free phone number.

Keizo Obuchi became prime minister of Japan in the summer of 1998. A Business section article yesterday had the date wrong.

An article in Sports yesterday incorrectly reported the age of Gaithersburg High School football coach John Harvill. He is 74.

"Tete a Tete: Portraits by Henri Cartier-Bresson" is at the National Portrait Gallery. A Weekend article yesterday incorrectly reported the exhibit's location.

In an article Thursday on Virginia Senate candidate George Allen's speech to business leaders assembled by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Allen should have been quoted as saying that, if he were elected, "the U.S. chamber and all people are going to be welcome in my office."

An article Thursday on a New York racketeering and bribery probe incorrectly identified U.S. Agriculture Department Inspector General Roger C. Viadero.

An Oct. 20 Business article incorrectly identified the source of the consumer price index. The Department of Labor compiles the index.