Russia to Dismantle Nuclear Subs

MOSCOW--Russia will dismantle 18 nuclear submarines next year and is working on new technologies to speed up the process, the Interfax news agency reported. Russia must scrap 107 nuclear submarines left over from the Cold War, according to Valeri Lebedev, deputy minister of atomic energy. The United States has pledged millions of dollars to help get rid of the submarines that were built to carry nuclear missiles targeted at the United States.


Chile Says Britain Could Help Pinochet

SANTIAGO, Chile--British Home Secretary Jack Straw has acknowledged to the Chilean government that he has the legal authority to halt the extradition of former Chilean president Augusto Pinochet on compassionate grounds, Chile's ambassador to Britain said. Ambassador Pablo Cabrera told Radio Agricultura that Straw recognized in a diplomatic exchange of notes last week that the European extradition act and British law empower him to stop extradition proceedings. Pinochet, 83, is under house arrest outside London and battling extradition to Spain, where he faces charges of torture stemming from his 1973-1990 rule.

Haitians Decry Deportation by Dominicans

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti--Soldiers rounded up and trucked more than 200 Haitians out of the Dominican Republic this week, a deportation that Haitians called an illegal response to recent international criticism to Santo Domingo's treatment of Haitian immigrants. Tension over Haitian immigration has been high since the Organization of American States said on Oct. 30 that the Dominican Republic violated human rights by not granting citizenship to children born to illegal Haitian immigrants.

Opposition Activist Detained in Cuba

HAVANA--Cuban security has detained a local opposition activist who was trying to organize a march against President Fidel Castro's government, relatives and dissident sources said. Oscar Elias Biscet was arrested six days ago and appeared ready to remain at a Havana detention center until after a demonstration planned for today, the sources said. Biscet was one of several dissidents Castro identified on television last week as "counter-revolutionary" agitators stirring up trouble at the behest of the United States before next week's Iberian-American summit.

Venezuelans to Vote on Officials

CARACAS, Venezuela--Venezuelans will vote next month not only on a new constitution, but on whether the country's elected officials, including President Hugo Chavez, should remain in their posts, constitutional leaders said. Chavez, a left-leaning nationalist in power for nine months, has entrusted a Constitutional Assembly packed with his allies to rewrite Venezuela's 1961 constitution as a prerequisite to carry out what he calls "a peaceful revolution."


China to Receive Israeli Radar System

JERUSALEM--Israel is outfitting a Chinese air force plane with an advanced early warning system that will allow it to conduct long-range radar surveillance and coordinate forces during battle, an Israeli official said. The Soviet-manufactured Ilyushin-50 aircraft has been in Israel for more than two weeks, being mounted with the PHALCON radar system, said the Israeli official, speaking on condition of anonymity. The radar system is manufactured by Elta, a subsidiary of Israel Aircraft Industries.

Jordan Arrests Leading Hamas Activist

AMMAN, Jordan--Jordanian authorities have arrested a leading activist of the militant Palestinian group Hamas who had been on the run since an August crackdown on the organization, Islamic sources said. They said Abdul Aziz Umary, also known as Ezzet Reshq, was arrested Monday night at the house of political commentator Samih Maayteh. Hamas said Umary's arrest was an escalation in a three-month crisis with Jordan triggered by the closure of their offices and subsequent arrest of its top leaders.

Turkey Charges Kurds With Terrorism

ISTANBUL--A Turkish court filed terrorist charges against five members of a Kurdish guerrilla group who surrendered last month in what they said was a move to aid the peace effort. A state security court charged five members of the eight-member group with membership in an illegal organization, the outlawed Kurdish Workers' Party. Cases against the three others were still being prepared, it said.


India, Pakistan Battle in Kashmir

NEW DELHI--Indian and Pakistani soldiers clashed in the disputed Kashmir region and India said it killed at least 10 Pakistanis. The Press Trust of India news agency quoted an army spokesman as saying the bodies of 10 Pakistani soldiers with weapons were recovered. He said no Indian casualties were reported.


"I don't know where we'll go tomorrow."

-- Dagman Datsayev, a Chechen refugee --Page A32.

CAPTION: Riot police use batons to beat student demonstrators headed to a rare session of the Serbian parliament to demand early elections. Police also blocked a separate march by opposition politicians.