White Supremacist Fails to Gain

Review of Law License Denial

CHICAGO--The Illinois Supreme Court refused yesterday to reconsider the denial of a law license to a white supremacist, one of whose disciples carried out a racist shooting spree earlier this year.

The court said it would not review the case of Matthew Hale, head of the World Church of the Creator, and let stand a decision by its Committee on Character and Fitness that said Hale lacked the moral character to practice law.

One of Hale's followers was Benjamin Smith, 21, of suburban Chicago, who went on a three-day shooting rampage targeting blacks, Asians and Orthodox Jews over the July Fourth weekend. He killed two people and wounded nine before taking his own life. Smith belonged to Hale's church until last May and after the crime spree Hale called him a "martyr for free speech."

Hale, 27, has a law degree but has been unable to persuade Illinois to admit him to the bar. His church operates via an Internet Web site.

Teen Killer's Molester Sentenced

FREEHOLD, N.J.--The man who molested Sam Manzie in the months before the teenager killed an 11-year-old neighbor was sentenced to the maximum five years in prison after Manzie urged the judge to be lenient. Stephen Simmons, 45, of Holbrook, N.Y., could be eligible for parole in four months, based on the nearly two years he has already served. Manzie, now 17, was brought to the hearing from prison in Trenton, where he is serving a 70-year term for killing a boy who had gone to Manzie's home selling holiday merchandise as a school fund-raiser.

Dragging Victim, 3rd Man Linked

JASPER, Tex.--Blood belonging to dragging death victim James Byrd Jr. was found on the clothing and a boot of the last of three white men on trial for the murder, an FBI expert testified.

Prosecutors are attempting to show that Shawn Allen Berry, 24, was driving the truck--more than the bystander he has claimed he was--when Byrd, 49, was beaten, then chained to the back of Berry's pickup truck and dragged for three miles along bumpy East Texas roads in 1998.

Berry could be headed to death row if he is convicted.

Student Arrested in Bombing

COUSHATTA, La.--A student was arrested after a small homemade bomb exploded in a restroom at Coushatta High School shortly after classes began, and officials also found four similar devices in the school.

The school was evacuated and no one was hurt. But authorities said the devices, each about four inches long and made from hollowed-out carbon dioxide cartridges, were potentially deadly.

An 18-year-old senior, Chad Edward Keith, was arrested in the afternoon on a charge of destroying property with an explosive device, said Assistant U.S. Attorney Donald Hathaway Jr.