Keeping the Peace

The United Nations launched three new peacekeeping missions this year, bringing the number of U.N. military and civilian personnel deployed around the world to 14,000; they serve with 17 different missions. In recent operations, regional or national forces, such as NATO in Kosovo, Nigeria in Sierra Leone and Australia in East Timor, took over the military task of securing peace before U.N. personnel moved in to help police and administer the areas.

The current top peacekeeping contributors, by number of personnel:

1. Poland 1,068

2. Bangladesh 902

3. Ghana 843

4. India 796

5. Ireland 765

6. Argentina 739

7. Austria 720

8. U.S. 658

9. Fiji 644

10. Nepal 634

14. Canada 285

23. Russia 170

U.N. members owe $1.76 billion in peace-keeping assessments.

The countries that owe the most, in millions of dollars:

U.S.: $ 1,070

Japan: 114

Ukraine: 110

Russia: 106

Belarus: 50

The United States has demanded that the contribution it is assessed for peacekeeping be cut from 31% to 25% of the total.

The costs of operations peaked in 1994 with Bosnia, Cambodia and Somalia operations under way.

Annual costs in millions of dollars:

'94: $3,547

SOURCE: United Nations