A specialty license plate with a crayon drawing of two children and the message "Choose Life" won approval today despite criticism that it is a political statement against abortion.

Money raised by sales of the plate--which will cost an extra $22--will go to organizations that serve pregnant women who plan to put their babies up for adoption.

Florida is the first state to adopt such a plate, said Lynda Bell, president of Florida Right to Life.

Florida already offers more than 45 specialty plates. Legislators approved the tag earlier this year; the last step was for Gov. Jeb Bush (R) and the six-member Cabinet to approve the color and design.

Bush and four Cabinet members approved the tag while Attorney General Bob Butterworth and Insurance Commissioner Bill Nelson, both Democrats, voted against it. "I believe there are better ways to promote adoption than placing a political message on a license plate," Nelson said.

Last year, then-Gov. Lawton Chiles (D), who died later in the year, vetoed similar legislation. Bush signed the measure in June.

Toni Van Pelt, Florida chapter president of the National Organization for Women, called the plate "an attempt to interfere with a woman's right to choose." The national organization said it would sue to block the plate.

Supporters said the plate is not antiabortion. "It's for adoption," the governor said. "If people want to politicize that, they'll politicize anything."