Another in a series evaluating the accuracy of political advertising.

Candidate: Vice President Gore

Market: New Hampshire

Producer: Century Group

Time: 30 seconds

Audio: I think it would be a big mistake to draw money away from our public schools with vouchers that give public money to private schools. Private schools are fine. But not with money that's already designed for the 90 percent of the American children who go to public schools. Now is a time when we ought to be really beefing up our public schools, making a very deep and firm commitment by the American people to really bring revolutionary progress to our schools.

Analysis: In an open-necked shirt, Gore is trying to appeal to the Democratic base -- lower-income and minority parents worried about crumbling public schools -- with a hard-line stance backed by the teachers unions that support him. The ad offers no details, however, on the "revolutionary progress" the vice president envisions and how much it would cost, not to mention why the Clinton-Gore administration has failed to achieve it. Gore is attempting to draw an implied contrast with former senator Bill Bradley, who once voted to allow a limited voucher experiment but now says he opposes such programs.

In a second ad, Gore again stresses his not-born-in-a-blue-suit roots as a Vietnam veteran and journalist, saying he "worked as a reporter exposing corruption" -- Gore uncovered a Nashville scandal -- and "decided to fight back" against chaos in America. Gore's fight: winning his father's old House seat.