In yesterday's front-page article about fatal neglect at the District's homes for the mentally disabled, nearly two paragraphs were dropped on Page A33 in some editions because of a production error. The complete story can be read on The Post's Web site, The missing text, which dealt with the failure to do an autopsy on Fred Brandenburg, is as follows:

Reopening the case will be difficult. Brandenburg's body was released from the morgue and cremated without an autopsy. In an interview earlier this year, DHS official Frances Bowie, who until recently headed the department's developmental disabilities unit, explained why: Brandenburg's two sisters had refused to permit an autopsy. DHS officials said the sisters, who they said were Jehovah's Witnesses and whom they would not identify, had religious objections to the practice.

The Post located the sisters. One of them, Gloria Donovan, is a longtime member of All Saints Catholic Church in Manassas. The other, Juanita DeButts, worships and teaches Sunday school at the First Baptist Church of La Plata. "We're not Jehovah's Witnesses, and we were never asked about an autopsy," said Donovan, whose brother had just spent the Christmas holidays at her home. "It didn't happen."