Five Teens Wanted In Utah Attack Found

CEDAR CITY, Utah--Five of eight teenage boys who fled a wilderness camp for troubled youths were found yesterday, two days after some of them beat a counselor and tied up another.

One had trudged 30 miles across the frosty Utah desert before surrendering at a hog farm. Another turned up in Nevada, 140 miles from the camp, and directed authorities to three others hiding near Beryl, Utah, 15 miles from the Nevada line.

Another boy in the group turned himself in on Saturday after he became ill and was abandoned by the others. He was charged with assault and theft.

With darkness making the search difficult, Iron County Sheriff David "Dude" Benson said he didn't expect to find the last two boys last night. Crews with bloodhounds and helicopters had been scouring southern Utah's rocky desert for the boys since they fled Saturday.

At first, authorities said the boys had enough food to last only one day. But Kirk Stock, one of the counselors who was attacked, said they took enough to last a month, including lentils, rice, oats, wheat flour, dried beans, bouillon cubes, dried chili and medical supplies.

Benson said the teenagers beat Stock, 23, with sticks Saturday, tried to break his legs and then bound him with duct tape. The boys allegedly threatened 22-year-old counselor Sunshine Fuller, tied her to a tree and fled. The boys escaped near Cedar City, 220 miles south of Salt Lake City.

Suspect Arrested In Killing of Columnist

PHILADELPHIA--A man was arrested and charged with killing a Philadelphia Daily News columnist during an attempted robbery in the city's Chestnut Hill section.

Javier Goode, 20, was arrested near his Philadelphia apartment today after about 50 tips were called in to police and a hot line, homicide Capt. James Brady said. Goode was charged with murdering W. Russell G. Byers, 59, who wrote about urban affairs, housing and schools.

Authorities said Byers was stabbed once in the chest after pushing the robber away from his wife. The attacker fled empty-handed.

Pilot Who Scrapped The Food Is Canned

EAGAN, Minn.--Northwest Airlines said it fired a pilot who delayed a flight for more than an hour because he didn't like the meal he was served on the plane and took a cab to get food.

Passengers on the Nov. 23 flight from Las Vegas to Detroit complained that the pilot kept them waiting while he fetched a different meal before the plane took off.

"He got off the plane, he walked by a number of food establishments that were open and serving, he got into a cab and went off-site," Northwest spokesman Jon Austin said.

The airline fired the pilot Friday for acting "to the detriment of Northwest and his fellow employees," Austin said.

The captain, whom the airline didn't identify, had worked for the airline for 22 years.