Apology in Levittown

LEVITTOWN, Pa.--Forty-two years after Bill and Daisy Myers became the first black couple to buy a house in Levittown, a planned community like the ones developer William J. Levitt built on New York's Long Island and in New Jersey, the township mayor apologized for racism, harassment, protests and death threats that greeted the couple in 1957.

State police had to be called, but the Myerses stood their ground and lived in Levittown until 1961.

Yesterday, Daisy Myers, a retired school principal, lit the town Christmas tree, a 16-foot blue spruce named "Miss Daisy" in her honor.


* AUSTIN--Gary Karr, a 51-year-old handyman, was indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of kidnapping, robbery and extortion in the case of atheist leader Madalyn Murray O'Hair, who has been missing since 1995. Karr is accused of taking part in a complex plot in which O'Hair and her two adult children allegedly were taken hostage and forced to hand over money and gold coins worth more than half a million dollars.

* CAPE CANAVERAL--Space shuttle Discovery's mission to rescue the Hubble Space Telescope is on hold as NASA debates what to do about a badly dented fuel line. Shuttle managers delayed Saturday's scheduled liftoff for at least a day while engineers evaluate the latest problem. The mission already is running two months late because of wiring repairs.

* CEDAR CITY, Utah--The last two teenage boys still on the loose who escaped from a wilderness program for troubled youths after allegedly assaulting two counselors were taken into custody after four freezing nights outdoors and were described by Sheriff David Benson as "extremely cold, dehydrated and tired."

* WEST JORDAN, Utah--A sixth-grader drafted a list of 12 "people to kill" after enduring months of taunting from classmates and has been kicked out of Terra Linda Elementary School. Principal Kirk Denison said the boy admitted he was "angry and frustrated" but denied he intended to actually kill the students on the list.