A condemned killer who tried to beat the executioner by taking an overdose of antidepressants went straight from the hospital to a Texas prison today, where he was put to death by lethal injection for a 1986 triple murder.

David Long, 46, was executed after a Texas judge ruled he was in good enough condition for the punishment to go forward after his apparent suicide attempt Tuesday and the Supreme Court's rejection of a last-minute appeal.

Long was sentenced to die for the 1986 hatchet murder of three women in a Dallas suburb. Long, who had lived with the women for a week after one of them picked him up hitchhiking, said he hacked them to death because he got tired of hearing them argue.

Long was found unconscious Tuesday in his death row cell and hospitalized in Galveston. He required oxygen on the flight to Huntsville and, as he received the lethal injection, vomited a charcoal solution that had been administered to counteract the antidepressants, said Texas Department of Criminal Justice spokesman Larry Fitzgerald.

"He had complained of having an upset stomach," Fitzgerald said.

While strapped to a gurney awaiting the lethal injection, Long apologized for the murders but said he had been turned into a criminal early in life when authorities in California sent him to reform schools.