2 Cuban Inmates Surrender

ST. MARTINVILLE, La.--Two of the Cuban inmates holding hostages at a Louisiana jail surrendered, leaving six others holed up in the warden's office yesterday with seven captives--the warden, a deputy and five female inmates.

The two Cubans gave up shortly before midnight Thursday. They also freed three female inmates and a deputy.

With the standoff at the St. Martin Parish Jail in its fifth day, authorities said they had regained access to the jail control room, where electronic locks to cells and video and public address systems are located.

The standoff began Monday when Cuban inmates armed with homemade knives took hostages while being escorted to an exercise area. The Cubans--convicts who have completed their U.S. sentences but are being held indefinitely behind bars in a state of legal limbo--are demanding that they be released and said they are willing to go anywhere.

It has become big business for jails in Louisiana to house inmates for the Immigration and Naturalization Service, which pays $45 a day at St. Martinville, compared with the state's $22 a day for Louisiana prisoners.

Man Jailed in Columbine Threat

DENVER--Warning they will not tolerate terrorist threats against Columbine High School, federal officials charged Michael Ian Campbell, 18, of Cape Coral, Fla., with sending a computer message Wednesday that prompted officials to close the school for two days.

At a court hearing in Florida, the community college student and aspiring actor was ordered held without bail until a detention hearing Wednesday. If convicted, he could be imprisoned five years and fined $250,000.

Pamela Campbell, 60, said her son told her he wrote the letter because he "was bored to death."

* PROVIDENCE, R.I.--Adventurer Steve Fossett abandoned his quest to break the trans-Atlantic sailing record a mere eight hours into the journey after a gust of wind disabled the sail and nearly sank his 105-foot catamaran.

* HACKENSACK, N.J.--The education publisher Princeton Review will destroy copies of its "WordSmart II" standardized-test study guide containing a tongue-in-cheek suggestion that students fire a gun at other students or administrators, but not at teachers. The passage designed to teach proper usage of the vocabulary word "cardinal" reads: "The cardinal rule at our school is simple. No shooting at teachers. If you have to shoot a gun, shoot it at a student or an administrator."

* COLUMBIA, S.C.--An HIV-positive Army sergeant was convicted Thursday of forcible sodomy and sentenced to two years in prison for forcing sex on another male sergeant who was a member of the Maryland Army National Guard. Sgt. Cornelius Abner, 34, of Panama City, Fla., received a dishonorable discharge, was demoted to private and must forfeit all pay.

* CAPE CANAVERAL--Rain and thick, low clouds forced NASA to call off last night's launch of space shuttle Discovery on a mission to repair the Hubble Space Telescope. It was the eighth delay for the flight, and launch managers said they would try again tonight or perhaps Sunday, depending on the weather.