The United States has paid $151 million to the United Nations since Thursday, enough to save its vote in the General Assembly, the State Department said yesterday.

The two payments, $100 million Thursday and $51 million Monday, include all of the $100 million first portion of arrears payments authorized by Congress in November.

Payment of the rest of the amount approved by Congress--$826 million over the next three years--depends on the United Nations carrying out reforms and cutting the proportion of the U.N. budget that it asks the United States to pay.

The United Nations says the United States owed total arrears of $1.52 billion. It would have lost its General Assembly vote if it did not make the latest payments.

The State Department said the United States has paid $824 million to the United Nations since Sept. 1, including all but a tiny proportion of its 1999 dues.

The rest, less than $1 million, is awaiting a legislative procedure but should reach the United Nations by the end of the year, a State Department official said.

For years, the United States failed to make some U.N. payments because of a dispute between the Clinton administration and Congress over funding for international family-planning programs. This year they made a compromise.