An article yesterday about the District's efforts to make its computers Y2K-ready should have said that D.C. Inspector General Charles C. Maddox has recommended that the D.C. Department of Employment Services shift its computer data center operations to the city's Department of Human Services.

The pastor of Unity of Love Praise Temple in Southeast Washington was misidentified in a photo caption accompanying an article Saturday on storefront churches. The pastor, who was not in the photo, is the Rev. James Bell Sr.

A Dec. 23 Style article on the renovation of the Old Patent Building incorrectly stated the impact on the National Portrait Gallery. The Portrait Gallery, which shares the building with the National Museum of American Art, will have 28 percent less total space in the Patent Building. But because the gallery's administrative offices are being relocated to a nearby office building, it will have 15 percent more exhibition space and 33 percent more space overall. The Museum of American Art also will have more exhibition space and more total space.

In a Dec. 17 article on Bill Bradley, his wife Ernestine Bradley's breast cancer treatment was described incorrectly. She underwent a mastectomy, not a double mastectomy.