Minus Missile Mishaps, U.S.-Russian Eye Closes

PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo.--No news was good news as a Russian-American center established last month to monitor potential Y2K-related missile mishaps closed yesterday--with nothing to report.

The former enemies created the joint unit to make sure there were no accidental missile launches or mistakes at the dawn of 2000. There weren't.

* KANSAS CITY, Mo.--Explosions destroyed a house, killed a man in it, injured a passing motorist and scattered debris over a neighborhood, setting an adjacent house on fire. Fire officials said a large quantity of explosive chemicals, possibly for use in fireworks, was found but that the blast could have been triggered by a ruptured natural gas line or a methamphetamine laboratory.

* LOS ANGELES--A daughter of Vice President Gore was slightly injured when another vehicle ran a red light and smashed into her car late Friday, police said. Kristin Gore, 22, and a passenger were treated at the scene for pain.

* OAKLAND--A rap concert at the Oakland Coliseum was canceled Friday after a crowd stormed the arena to gain entry and battled with the audience already inside, the Alameda County Sheriff's Department said. No one was arrested, but 25 people were injured.

* BOSTON--Former representative Michael J. Harrington (D-Mass.), who served in the House from 1969 to 1979 and is a former director of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, was charged Friday with making false statements to obtain bank loans to finance his campaign for state treasurer and buy a hotel and shopping mall.

* SALT LAKE CITY--Two 15-year-old boys were arrested and released to their parents after being accused of plotting to detonate a bomb in Logan High School, police said.