Mayor Charles H. Robertson was arrested on murder charges today in the slaying of a black woman during race riots that convulsed the city in 1969. Prosecutors said the then-policeman handed out bullets to whites and told them to kill blacks.

Robertson, 67, has admitted he yelled "white power!" at a rally the night before the shooting but denied any involvement in the woman's death.

Robertson, who has been mayor since 1994, was handcuffed, booked and released on $50,000 bail just two days after winning nomination for another term in a primary against a black man.

He said he has no plans to resign.

"I am not a racist," the mayor said. "My job is to comfort and heal the city of York."

Robertson is one of seven white men charged in the attack. A grand jury has recommended 11 indictments in the long-dormant case.

The riots began after a white gang member shot and wounded a black man in the city 85 miles west of Philadelphia.

More than 60 people were injured, 100 were arrested and entire city blocks were burned. A white rookie police officer was killed along with Lillie Belle Allen, 27, a mother of two visiting from Aiken, S.C.

Prosecutor H. Stanley Rebert said Robertson is not accused of supplying the fatal bullet. Allen was killed by a different kind of bullet. But legally, that does not matter, the prosecutor said.