A Feb. 11 article on campaign finance reform legislation incorrectly reported the party affiliation of Rep. Roy D. Blunt of Missouri. He is a Republican.

In a photo caption accompanying a Feb. 11 article on the U.S.-Saudi relationship, King Fahd was incorrectly described as being at center in the photo. He was shown at the right, talking to former president George H.W. Bush.

A photo caption with the Feb. 11 TV column incorrectly described the people carrying the Olympic flag. They were VIPs John Glenn, Desmond Tutu, Cathy Freeman, Steven Spielberg, Lech Walesa, Kazuyoshi Funaki, Jean-Claude Killy and Jean-Michel Cousteau, not Olympic officials.

A review in the Feb. 11 Style section of a concert by Creed misidentified the band's current CD. It is "Weathered."

The Washington Investing column in the Feb. 11 Business section incorrectly reported the status of Ernst & Young's consulting practice. Ernst & Young sold its global management and information technology consulting practice in May 2000.

The Feb. 10 Politics column incorrectly identified the Capitol Hill publication quoting congressional leadership sources on fundraising efforts by Rep. John D. Dingell (D-Mich.). It was Roll Call, not the newspaper the Hill.

An article in the Feb. 10 Arts section incorrectly reported the title of Philip Johnson's 1934 exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art. It was "Machine Art." The article also incorrectly reported when the San Francisco Museum of Art show "Design Afoot" was held. It was in 2000.

A Feb. 8 article on curriculum changes at area schools prompted by the Sept. 11 attacks failed to mention that Wheaton High School in Montgomery County offers an Arabic language class.

An article in the Feb. 6 Style section incorrectly reported what government position fugitive William Bradford Bishop had held. He was a State Department employee. Also, contrary to the story, Bishop was never officially linked to the Bay of Pigs invasion.