A Feb. 25 article about "soft money" political donations misspelled the name of Jay Dunn, the Democratic National Committee's finance director.

A review in the Feb. 25 Style section of a concert by pop singer Michelle Branch incorrectly identified the manufacturer of the product sponsoring her tour. It is Pharmacia Corp.

In the Feb. 24 Arts section, a photograph of a painting by Artemisia Gentileschi, "Susanna and the Elders," was inadvertently reversed.

A review in the Feb. 22 Weekend section incorrectly reported the address for the exhibition "The Art of Ralph Fasanella" at AFL-CIO headquarters. It is located at 815 16th St. NW.

A Jan. 9 article reported that an attorney for Elsa Newman -- the Bethesda woman charged with conspiracy in an alleged attempt to kill her estranged husband -- had told a court that she had threatened to hire someone to kill her spouse and children if she could not have custody of the children. The article also identified Elsa Newman's current attorney, Dorothy R. Fait. But Newman's former attorney, Stephen A. Friedman, made the statements to the court referred to in the article, not Fait.


A Feb. 26 article about research involving two different AIDS vaccines failed to make clear that it was the vaccine made by Aventis Pasteur, not the one made by VaxGen, that failed to elicit an adequate immune response.