Michael Wilbon's April 1 column in Sports incorrectly reported that the Indiana University campus bookstore sells Texas Tech merchandise.

Due to incorrect information from the Associated Press, a University of Connecticut women's basketball player was incorrectly identified in a photo caption in April 1 editions. At left in the photo was Tamika Williams, not Asjha Jones.

A photo caption in April 1 editions incorrectly identified Indiana University basketball player Jared Jeffries as Jarrad Odle, another Indiana player.

The Coming & Going column in the March 31 Travel section incorrectly reported a phone number for Swiss, the airline that replaced the bankrupt Swissair. The correct number is 800-221-4750.

An article on San Francisco in the March 24 Travel section incorrectly referred to the Doggie Diner restaurant franchise as defunct. The company operates a store in Carson City, Nev., and two carts on Pier 39 in San Francisco, and has licensed its name to 12 outlets in San Francisco's Pacific Bell Park.


A March 31 article on U.S. Mideast policy correctly cited an Israeli newspaper report in which Israeli Defense Secretary Binyamin Ben-Eliezer was quoted as saying Vice President Cheney had said Yasser Arafat could "hang" himself. But Ben-Eliezer subsequently disputed the Israeli report and apologized to Cheney.