An April 4 article and graphic incorrectly identified the Reagan National Airport runway used for takeoffs to the north. It is Runway 1.

An article in the April 4 Style section incorrectly reported the first name of Spencer Crew, former director of the National Museum of American History.

An April 4 Business article about an accounting change affecting Discovery Communications erroneously said the Bethesda company had restated revenue figures for the past two years.

Discovery officials said there were no income statement changes. A newly instituted accounting rule requires media companies to report certain expenses against revenue in future statements. In a conference call with financial analysts, officials for the company's major shareholder, Liberty Media Corp., offered the revised revenue estimates to show what the company would have reported for the past two years had the new rule been in effect then.

A headline in the April 4 Business section incorrectly described the fees being boosted by Cox Communications, a cable television operator in Fairfax County. The increased monthly fees affect only high-speed Internet service.

An April 3 Food section article listing Community Supported Agriculture programs in the area incorrectly identified the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, a co-sponsor of one such program, From the Ground Up.