A June 16 Metro article described Jarard Robinson as a 19-year-old graduate of Oakton High School. According to school officials, Robinson, who is actually 21, participated in commencement and completed requirements for a special certificate but did not receive a high school diploma.

An article in the June 12 Style section incorrectly identified the founder of the bourbon brand Old Forester. The founder was George Garvin Brown.

An Around the Region item in the June 17 Washington Business section misidentified the corporate entity seeking a rate increase with the Virginia State Corporation Commission. Washington Gas is seeking the rate increase.

In the June 17 Style section, one name was omitted from the list of local Emmy winners. Maryland Public Television's Bob Heck was one of two honorees in the category of Host, Interviewer, Moderator.


The photograph that accompanied an article in the June 17 Metro section about a gang-interdiction program may have created the incorrect impression that the student who was described in the text attended the District's Bell Multicultural High School.

The student pictured at Bell Multicultural, who was photographed from the side, was not a subject of the story. He should not have been identified as a gang member.