A picture of Kurt Godwin's canvas "Perpetuity" was run upside-down with the Galleries column in the July 18 Style section.

In a July 18 Style article on the National Geographic Society's venture into feature filmmaking, a close-quotation mark was dropped, which meant that part of the characterization of the film "Snow Dogs" was wrongly attributed to Tim Kelly, president of National Geographic Television & Film. The sentences should have read: Because "we didn't control the process," Disney emerged with a wacky slapstick comedy featuring wisecracking huskies sipping cocktails. "It was an okay film for Disney and it made money," Kelly said, but the National Geographic withheld public sponsorship: "Snow Dogs" was not deemed, in the end, a Geographic sort of film.

In some July 18 editions, an article incorrectly stated the profits of General Dynamics Corp. The company reported a second-quarter profit of $263 million ($1.29 a share) compared with $227 million ($1.12) during the same period last year.

A July 18 article about suspicious signatures on Mayor Anthony A. Williams's nominating petitions was accompanied by an illustration that incorrectly compared a signature from a nominating petition with one from a voter registration card. The D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics provided the registration card of a voter whose name sounds similar but is spelled differently from the name of the person on the petition.

A July 18 Business article incorrectly said Goldman Sachs & Co. lowered its rating on the stock of Capital One Financial Corp. Goldman Sachs released a report raising concerns about Capital One's financial outlook, but did not lower its rating of the company's stock.