An Aug. 1 article about prescription drug legislation inaccurately described a Senate vote on a proposal to target benefits to low-income elderly people or those with very high drug costs. It received 50 nay votes and 49 aye votes, 11 votes short of the 60 needed for passage under Senate budget rules.

Larry "Bill" Elliott, convicted of murdering a Woodbridge couple, is from Hanover, Md. The state was incorrectly identified in an Aug. 1 article. Also, a photo of Elliott in the Virginia edition was credited incorrectly. The photographer was Amy Hazam of the Potomac News.

An Aug. 1 article on the government's investigation into the WorldCom Inc. accounting scandal incorrectly identified the congressional committee before which former chief executive Bernard J. Ebbers appeared on July 8. It was the House Financial Services Committee.

A July 30 Style article about the writer Augusten Burroughs misstated the name of his editor at St. Martin's Press. She is Jennifer Enderlin.

A July 28 article on doctors' and patients' responses to the halt of the Women's Health Initiative study of hormone replacement therapy overstated the number of women who stopped receiving therapy when the study was halted. Only about 8,500 women had been receiving hormone replacements. The others, about 8,100, had been receiving placebos.

A July 1 Business article incorrectly suggested that WamNet Government Services does not provide customer service for its clients. The company does network design and deployment but does not sell customer-service desk support for other firms.