An Aug. 16 article about Amtrak's problem with its Acela high-speed trains mistakenly said Amtrak's AEM-7 locomotives are Swedish-built. They are a Swedish design but were built under contract by the Electro-Motive Division of General Motors in LaGrange, Ill.

The Fast Forward column in the Aug. 11 Business section should have said that the PressPlay digital-music service features EMI's record labels in addition to those of Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group.

Michael Wilbon's Aug. 16 column misstated the number of games the Washington Mystics have lost in their five seasons. The team has lost 102 games. Also, nine of the team's 11 players scored in Thursday's game.

The July 31 article in "The Fall of Enron" series reported that former in-house Enron attorney Kristina Mordaunt invested $5,800 in a partnership called Southampton Place that bought an interest in Andrew S. Fastow's first LJM partnership, and that she earned $1 million on her investment.

Mordaunt says she performed legal work for Enron on the first LJM deal, but did not participate in the negotiations between Enron and LJM. She also says she was not involved with LJM transactions at the time she invested in Southampton and was not aware of what LJM was doing then. Enron terminated Mordaunt when it learned of her investment in Southampton.