An Oct. 4 article and photo caption included incorrect information about the location of the fatal shooting of Sarah Ramos on Oct. 3. Ramos was shot after getting off a bus on Georgia Avenue and sitting on a bench outside the post office on International Drive.

A review in the Oct. 4 Weekend section incorrectly noted the area covered by the National Gallery of Art's new West Building Sculpture Galleries. The suite of 22 galleries and a study room encompass nearly 24,000 square feet. Also, two photographs of artwork by Willem de Kooning accompanying the article should have been credited this way: Copyright 2002 Willem de Kooning Foundation/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York.

An article in the Oct. 4 Weekend section incompletely identified the group sponsoring the D.C. Open House. It is the D.C. Heritage Tourism Coalition. The article also incorrectly reported the group's Web address; it is

An Oct. 4 article incorrectly reported when air patrols began over the "no-fly" zone in northern Iraq. The patrols began in 1991.

The headline on an Oct. 4 article incorrectly referred to the shutdown of West Coast shipping ports as a strike. Management has locked out longshoremen as part of an ongoing labor dispute.

A Reuters news service report published Oct. 3 about Balkan war crimes cases incorrectly attributed a quotation. It was Croatian President Stipe Mesic, testifying at the trial of former Yugoslav president Slobodan Milosevic about events of the 1990s Balkan wars, who said: "I heard about the torching of [Serb] villages and lodged a complaint" with the Croatian leader of the time, Franjo Tudjman.