The image of a .223-caliber round was incorrectly described as "actual size" in a chart accompanying an Oct. 8 article on the use of scientific tools in investigating the Washington area sniper attacks. The image was about 30 percent larger than actual size.

An Oct. 7 article incorrectly described plans for the Montgomery County funeral of sniper-shooting victim James L. "Sonny" Buchanan. The funeral this Friday will be open to the public. Interment will be private.

A roundup of programs in the Oct. 6 TV Week incorrectly combined information about two shows Wednesday night on PBS. "Egypt Eternal," a one-hour National Geographic Special featuring National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Zahi Hawass and French archaeologist Alain Zivie, airs at 8 p.m. "Secrets of the Lost Empires: Pharaoh's Obelisk" airs at 9 p.m.

An Oct. 6 Metro in Brief item incorrectly characterized last week's test at the Brentwood postal plant as the third test of a scrubber system designed to clean the air after fumigation for anthrax. The U.S. Postal Service had conducted only one other test of the scrubber system. An earlier test was done to gauge the effectiveness of chlorine dioxide gas in killing anthrax spores.

An Oct. 4 Metro in Brief item incorrectly identified an official of the National Capital Planning Commission. Richard L. Friedman is the chairman of a task force that drafted the Urban Design and Security Plan for the commission. John V. Cogbill III is the commission chairman.

An Oct. 1 Style article on Philip Howard incorrectly identified Covington & Burling as a New York-based law firm. It is a Washington-based law firm with offices in New York and other cities.