Ky. Catholic Church Baptizes Gay Couple's Quadruplets

LEXINGTON, Ky. -- A gay couple who became parents of quadruplets after enlisting the help of a surrogate mother had their 3-month-old children baptized Saturday in a Roman Catholic church.

Father Paul Prabell blessed the men, Thomas Dysarz and Michael Meehan, and baptized their daughter and three sons at Lexington's Cathedral of Christ the King.

"This is what Christ would do," said Meehan, the quadruplets' biological father. The babies "are God's children. That's how the church should view it."

The mother, Brooke Verity, 23, has said she thinks Dysarz and Meehan, a Lexington lawyer, will be great dads. She conceived Michael, Jacob, Tristan and Taylor through in vitro fertilization in January and gave birth in July.

Prabell said no one had objected to the christening, although he expects that "some people would feel that the christening would be an endorsement of homosexuality and surrogate parenting." Those issues did not enter into the decision to baptize the quadruplets. Prabell said he and the Catholic Diocese of Lexington agreed to the baptisms because Dysarz and Meehan said they will raise the children as Catholics.

MIT Analysis Details

Why Twin Towers Collapsed

NEW YORK -- The single-bolt connections in the framework of the World Trade Center popped and fell apart during the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, causing the floors to collapse on top of one another, according to a new study.

The analysis by researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology concludes the bolts did not properly secure the twin towers' steel floor trusses, the New York Post reported. The bolts were pulled toward the center of the buildings while the floor trusses sagged, the report concluded.

Experts have been disputing how and why the twin towers collapsed. A study by a Manhattan engineering firm said damage caused by the planes and fires that broke out caused both buildings to crumble during the terrorist attacks.

A federal investigation said the towers' unconventional design contributed to the collapse, noting weak floor supports gave way during the attacks -- a similar conclusion to the one drawn by the MIT researchers in their upcoming report.

* NEW YORK -- Bear, the golden retriever whose handler, Scott Shields, said located more survivors than any other dog in the first days after the Sept. 11, 2001, attack on the World Trade Center, was honored at a memorial service hosted by the Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum. Bear died Sept. 23 at age 12. He led last year's Columbus Day parade and was cited by the Guinness Book of Records as "the most celebrated dog in the world."

* SAN FRANCISCO -- A man was missing after being thrown overboard during a late-night Halloween party cruise in San Francisco Bay, authorities said. The unidentified victim was on a boat carrying about 275 people shortly before midnight when he was tossed into the bay Saturday, police said.

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