85 Passengers Aboard

Cleaned Ship Get Sick

ORLANDO -- At least 85 people on the Disney cruise ship Magic have contracted a flu-like illness this week even after the vessel was scrubbed because of an earlier outbreak, officials said yesterday.

The ship was disinfected Saturday after 275 people became sick on the Magic's last seven-day trip. The illnesses are believed to be caused by a "Norwalk-like" virus, one of the most common gastrointestinal viruses.

The Centers for Disease Control is conducting tests to identify the virus, spokeswoman Bernadette Burden said. Results were expected later this week.

Disney Cruise Line spokesman Mark Jaronski said about 2,400 passengers and 950 crew members were aboard the current Magic cruise, which left Saturday night from Port Canaveral, about 50 miles east of Orlando, on a Caribbean tour.

A Norwalk-like virus also is suspected of sickening more than 500 passengers and crew aboard the Holland America cruise ship Amsterdam the past few weeks. A 10-day cruise was canceled last week to permit a thorough decontamination of the Amsterdam.

Astronauts Attach

Piece to Space Station

CAPE CANAVERAL -- Astronauts used cranes to attach another expensive piece of latticework to the international space station yesterday, and then a team of spacewalkers went out to wire it up.

"Yee-haw!" spacewalker John Herrington shouted as he hopped onto the $390 million girder. "Life is good."

Herrington -- the first American Indian in space -- and his spacewalking partner, Michael Lopez-Alegria, installed clamps, removed locks and connected electrical cables between the new segment and the rest of the space station.

It was the first of three spacewalks planned this week to install the girder that was delivered aboard space shuttle Endeavour.

* CONCORD, N.H. -- A man charged with killing a California police officer last week surrendered at a New Hampshire hotel after a standoff during which he told a reporter he shot the officer to protest police brutality. Andrew McCrae, 23, is charged in a fugitive warrant with killing officer David Mobilio in Red Bluff, Calif., on Nov. 19. Police indicated they believe McCrae also confessed to the slaying on a San Francisco news Web site.

* NEW YORK -- The man behind a robbery-massacre at a Wendy's restaurant was sentenced to death yesterday, more than two years after he and an accomplice herded seven employees into a freezer and murdered five of them. John Taylor, 38, was sentenced to die by injection for killing two of the employees, but prosecutors say he plotted the attack and commanded his mentally retarded accomplice to kill.

* ATLANTA -- A convicted murderer whose death sentence was commuted to life in prison because of his mental illness has hanged himself, prison officials said. Alexander Williams, 34, committed suicide over the weekend by hanging himself with a shirt from his prison uniform at the Georgia State Prison in Reidsville, said Scheree Lipscomb of the Georgia Department of Corrections.

* MIAMI -- Six Cubans, including a 13-year-old boy, were detained by immigration authorities after their disabled boat was found at sea, and two men were arrested for allegedly smuggling them to the United States. The Coast Guard came to the group's aid after their 21-foot, Florida-registered boat ran out of fuel off Key West on Monday, Coast Guard spokesman Luis Diaz said.

-- From News Services