A Dec. 16 Washington Business article erroneously listed Martek Biosciences Corp. as one of the local biotechnology companies with less than a year's worth of cash on hand. The company is profitable.

The Dec. 13 Weekend section gave an incorrect date for a Choral Arts Society concert in the Kennedy Center Concert Hall. The correct day is Friday at 2. Call 202-467-4600.

The Holiday Gala at the National Building Museum on Thursday is not open to the public. A listing in the Dec. 13 Weekend section suggested otherwise.

A Dec. 12 article on a ruling by the U.N. war crimes tribunal at The Hague that a former Washington Post reporter could not be compelled to testify in a case relating to the war in Bosnia incorrectly stated the position of the Coalition for International Justice.

The group believes that war correspondents should generally enjoy special protection against forced testimony in war-crimes prosecutions because of the danger they face and the importance of their reporting in war zones. It believes that immunity should be denied only in cases where the evidence they might provide is direct and important to a core issue in the case, and could not be reasonably obtained from another source.

A Metro in Brief item on Dec. 10 misidentified the group that has sued the National Park Service over the environmental impact of two cellular telephone towers that have been built in Rock Creek Park. The suit was filed by the Audubon Naturalist Society.