Former Kosovo Rebels Sentenced to Prison

PRISTINA, Yugoslavia -- An international court in Kosovo sentenced five former guerrillas to prison for abducting and beating four fellow ethnic Albanians who subsequently disappeared. The sentences ranged from three to 15 years.

The trial was one of Kosovo's most sensitive court cases since NATO's 1999 bombing campaign. Kosovo is a province of Serbia, Yugoslavia's dominant republic.

A panel of three international judges found the accused guilty of illegal detention and of causing injuries that resulted in murder.

It was the first time that members of the now-disbanded Kosovo Liberation Army were convicted of such crimes.



Pakistan Border Unit

Gets Boost From U.S.

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan -- The United States gave Pakistan radio and communications equipment worth $4.5 million to help monitor its long borders with Afghanistan and Iran in a drive against terrorism and drug trafficking.

Assistant Secretary of State Christina Rocca praised Pakistan for backing the war on terrorism. The equipment is part of a $73 million program to enhance Pakistan's border security.


Pakistan Moves Jets

Away From India

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan -- Pakistan has withdrawn most of its fighter jets from bases near India, the official APP news agency reported.

The agency quoted Air Marshal Mushaf Ali Mir as saying the Pakistanis have "resumed our normal training at peacetime locations." He gave no other details.

Pakistan and India deployed forces to the border after an attack on the Indian Parliament complex last December that India attributed to Pakistan-backed militants.


Conference Rejects

U.S. View on Abortion

BANGKOK -- The U.N.-sponsored Asian and Pacific Population Conference, overwhelmingly rejecting the Bush administration's stand against abortion and condom use among adolescents, adopted a plan of action on population policies in a bid to reduce poverty in the region.

U.S. delegates had said wording such as "reproductive health services" and "reproductive rights" could be read as condoning abortion and underage sex.

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U.S. to Help Search For Terror Finances

BUENOS AIRES -- The United States said it would help Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil search their shared border for financial links to militant Islamic groups.

Cofer Black, the State Department's counter-terrorism coordinator, will travel to the border area this week with his counterparts from the South American nations.

The area is notorious for smuggling and is suspected as a revenue-raising venue for militant groups such as Hezbollah and Hamas.

"We are concerned about financial links primarily . . . I have no hard or concrete information that al Qaeda operative personnel were in the tri-border region," Black said at a news conference.