California's two public university systems voted last week to increase student fees in the face of Gov. Gray Davis's proposal to reduce state spending by $10.2 billion over the next 18 months.

California State University, the nation's largest public university system, and the University of California are anticipating millions of dollars in losses and acted despite students' protests.

CSU trustees approved a 10 percent raise for undergraduate students and 15 percent for graduate students. For California residents, the increase raises fees for undergraduates from $1,428 to $1,572 a year, and for graduate students from $1,506 to $1,734 per year. Campuses may add other charges.

The CSU system expects to suffer a $60 million cut from its $3 billion annual budget. Increased fees will generate about $30 million, said CSU chancellor Charles B. Reed.

At the University of California, regents facing $480 million in cuts over two years approved a midyear fee increase, and said they expected to raise fees further.

Regents raised fees for undergraduates by $135 a quarter starting this spring. Total UC student fees are about $4,000 a year. Fees will increase by $150 to $400 for graduate students.

Universities in California charge fees but no tuition.