Swedes Faulted In Wallenberg Search

STOCKHOLM -- A Swedish commission blamed the government for failing to follow leads in the 1945 disappearance of Raoul Wallenberg, the Swedish diplomat who was captured by Soviet troops after saving thousands of Hungarian Jews during World War II.

The report accused the Swedish Foreign Ministry of "a palpable lack of interest in the security of Raoul Wallenberg during the critical months after his disappearance in January 1945" in Budapest. "The absence of activism is remarkable and extremely unfortunate," the report said.

In 2001, Russia acknowledged for the first time that Wallenberg and his driver were imprisoned for political reasons until they died, but didn't say how, where or when they died.

The commission was appointed in late 2001 to examine the Swedish government's efforts to solve the mystery of the diplomat's disappearance.

Associated Press


Palestinian Killed

In Internet Cafe Raid

JENIN, West Bank -- Undercover Israeli troops raided an Internet cafe in the West Bank and killed an 18-year-old Palestinian man during a gun battle, witnesses and medics said.

The Israeli army said two soldiers were slightly wounded when a special forces unit descended on Assil, a popular cafe in the northern city of Jenin, where they arrested seven suspected Palestinian militants after a shootout.

Palestinian witnesses said the dead man, Hissam Mahmoud Amr, was not a militant and neither were four of the six Palestinians wounded during the clash. An Islamic Jihad militant, the cafe owner and a policeman were among those arrested, they said.

Earlier, armed Jewish settlers opened fire on Palestinian stone throwers in the West Bank and seriously wounded a 14-year-old Palestinian boy, medics said.


Canadian Prisoner Attacks Saudi Jailers

OTTAWA -- A Canadian man facing the death penalty in Saudi Arabia went on a rampage when his father made a rare visit, attacking and cursing his Saudi jailers, witnesses said.

William Sampson, who was in a prison hospital room, ordered his father to leave and then began throwing objects at everyone in range, including the Canadian ambassador.

Sampson was arrested for murder in December 2000 along with a Briton and a Belgian after a car bomb blast in Riyadh, the Saudi capital, killed a British man. They initially admitted the charges but later withdrew their confessions.

The Sampson case has put a severe strain on relations between Canada and Saudi Arabia. The kingdom's Crown Prince Abdullah called off a trip to Canada in 2001 after allegations surfaced that Sampson had been tortured in jail. Officials from both sides later said he had injured himself in a suicide attempt.



Gunmen in western Pakistan, near Afghanistan, killed a Pakistani intelligence official, Sher Nawaz Khan, traveling through the area by motorbike, officials said.