The photo of the hooded man standing on a box was one of the first images to emerge in the Abu Ghraib prison scandal, and it is one of the most indelible. The detainee's emotion was fear; the soldiers described it as a joke in interviews with investigators.

Abdou Hussain Saad Faleh told Army investigators that Spec. Charles A. Graner Jr. took him to Abu Ghraib's Room No. 37, a shower room, where Graner allegedly "started punishing" him. Then the detainee nicknamed Gilligan by soldiers was ordered to stand on a box of food, clothed only in a blanket.

An unidentified soldier then put the bag over his head. Wires were attached to his fingers, toes and genitals.

The wires stretched to the back wall of the room, behind the detainee.

"Which switch is on for electricity?" a male soldier said, before screaming at Faleh through a loudspeaker, according to the detainee's statement.

Harman told investigators that she, Graner and Staff Sgt. Ivan L. "Chip" Frederick II were there when the picture was taken. She said the detainee stood on that box for about an hour.

Her statement to a special agent with the Army Criminal Investigation Division on Jan. 15 detailed this exchange:

"Agent: Who took the pictures of this?

"Harman: I took one and Frederick took one.

"Agent: Why did you do this to the detainee 'Gilligan'?

"Harman: Just playing with him."

Faleh said he was made to pose and then he fell because of exhaustion. He said Graner then ordered him to stand up and hold a box of food, depicted in another photograph obtained by The Post this week.

"I was so tired, and I dropped it," Faleh told investigators. "He started screaming at me in English. He made me lift a white chair high in the air. . . . And I slept after that for about an hour, and then I woke up at headcount time. I couldn't go back to sleep after that because I was very scared."

A hooded Iraqi detainee holds an apparently heavy box. A hooded Iraqi detainee stands on a box and is hooked up to wires while a U.S. soldier prepares his camera.