Dogs appear in at least four photographs with their unidentified handlers, who seem to be restraining the animals from attack. Terror is etched on the prisoners' faces as they cower, some in prison hallways, another backed into a corner, another naked against a wall.

The dogs are unmuzzled, and in some images their teeth can be seen. They are face to face with the inmates. "I recall an occasion when two dogs were brought into 1A to scare an inmate," Harman said.

"He was naked against the wall when they let the dogs corner him. They pulled them back enough and the prisoner ran . . . straight across the floor like he was trying to jump in their arms. The prisoner was cornered and a dog bit his leg."

This, apparently, wasn't enough for the handlers. According to Harman's account, the dogs were kept close enough to the detainee so they could strike again. "A couple seconds later he started to move again, and the dog bit his other leg," Harman said. "The guy ran straight for the door, where they tackled him."

According to Harman's account, she ran to get a first-aid kit and another soldier then came to help stitch up the detainee's wounds: "Pictures were taken, but not by us," she said. "The dog handlers have copies."

Harman said the handlers appeared in the cellblock by themselves. One detainee, Ameen Saeed Al-Sheik, said the soldiers threatened to unleash the dogs on him if he didn't tell them what they wanted to hear.

"They said they will torture me, and they will come every single night to ask me the same question accompanied with soldiers having weapons," he said. "And they point a weapon to my head and threaten that they will kill me, sometime[s] with dogs. And they hang me to the door allowing the dogs to try to bite me."

A naked detainee appears to be intimidated by unmuzzled dogs.