Robber Had Little Time

Before Bomb Detonated

ERIE, Pa. -- A pizza deliveryman who robbed a bank before being killed by a bomb fastened around his neck last summer was told he had just 55 minutes to disarm the explosive, according to details from a coroner's report.

Brian Wells, 46, died shortly after the Aug. 28 robbery. He told police who apprehended him that he had been forced to rob the bank by someone who locked the collar bomb around his neck.

Authorities surrounded Wells and were waiting for a bomb squad to arrive when the device detonated.

The report by the Erie County coroner's office includes previously unreleased details about the crime, including instructions in a letter that Wells said he was given by an unknown group of people who locked the bomb onto him, the Erie Times-News reported Sunday.

"The subject was given 55 minutes to rob the bank and follow the remainder of the written directions, which included an elaborate scheme of traveling from one location to another to find additional instructions on what action to perform next, where to leave the money he had stolen and how to safely disarm the explosive device in order to save his life," the report said.

* BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- Three Indiana University students died after a fire at an off-campus house. The body of L. Jacob Surface, 21, was found Saturday on the first floor of the house, and Joseph Alexander, 21, was pronounced dead at Bloomington Hospital. Nicholas Habicht, 20, died Sunday, said Sharon Williams, a spokeswoman for Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis.

* ST. PAUL, Minn. -- A circus performer who fell 30 feet onto a concrete floor during a Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus show died from her injuries. Dessi Espana, 32, was twirling on long chiffon scarves when the silky cloth gave way during Saturday's performance, witnesses said. She died that night.

* MILWAUKEE -- Authorities searched Sunday for a 6-year-old girl who fell into the fast-moving Milwaukee River and her 12-year-old sister, who jumped in to try to save her. The sisters and a boy, 10, were playing on a floating pier attached to the shore when the younger girl fell in, said Lt. Ron Firnrohr of the Milwaukee Fire Department. The girls, who live nearby, did not know how to swim.

* LARGO, Fla. -- A 2-year-old girl was run over and killed when she chased after her father, who was letting a 12-year-old boy drive a car in a parking lot. Summer Wolfe was knocked down by the passenger door when the car in which her father was sitting lurched backward, and she fell under the front wheel.

* CORONA, N.M. -- Investigators pointed to smoldering pine needles that someone ignited in the Cibola National Forest and did not put out as the source of a 4,000-acre wildfire burning in central New Mexico. More than 300 people battled the flames Sunday; wind gusts of up to 65 mph Saturday forced airborne tankers to cancel drops of fire-retardant slurry. No injuries have been reported.

-- From News Services