New cracking forced the evacuation Monday of the futuristic terminal at Charles de Gaulle Airport outside Paris a day after a roof collapse killed four travelers.

The scare came as officials said they were considering scrapping the entire Air France Terminal 2E after a 98-foot section of the steel, concrete and glass roof caved in Sunday. The terminal is closed to passengers indefinitely.

More than 30 airport employees in offices and a nearby restaurant were evacuated Monday when cracking sounds were heard and fissures appeared, said Rene Brun, the airport director. Airport staff will not be allowed back until an investigation is completed, Brun said.

Cracking and puffs of dust preceded Sunday's collapse and officials expressed concern that other parts of the 11-month-old terminal might crumble. The area evacuated Monday is a separate structure from the boarding and waiting area where the roof partially collapsed.

"Faced with such doubt, we weren't taking any risks until we receive an external analysis," Brun said of the evacuation.

Officials worked to reroute flights to other terminals after the collapse and shutdown erased 15 percent of the airport's capacity.

"Our worry the first day was to treat the victims," Brun said. "Today, we're looking at the question of traffic. . . . It's going to be more difficult this June," the airport's busiest month.

Authorities initially believed five people were killed Sunday, but later lowered the death toll. China said two of its nationals were among the dead. The nationalities of the other victims were not made public.