Al Gore and his one-time rival Ralph Nader have found something to agree upon: When it comes to the Bush administration's policies in Iraq, it's time for a change.

The former vice president will demand the resignations of five administration officials, along with one of President Bush's military commanders, in a speech today in New York. His handlers declined to say who, exactly, is on the hit list. But they described the speech as a hard-hitting attack on the administration's Iraq policies, especially the prisoner abuse scandal at Abu Ghraib.

Gore's comments will come two days after Nader reiterated his calls for Bush's impeachment, at an address before the Council on Foreign Relations in New York.

"Plunging our nation into war on what is now a very well-documented platform of fabrications, deceptions and prevarications, to me, rises to the level of a high crime and misdemeanor, and warrants impeachment proceedings to be initiated in the House of Representatives," Nader said. "It's hard to conceive of a more capable candidate for the invocation of the impeachment authority reposited in Congress by our Founding Fathers."

His campaign has been circulating a petition calling for the same. According to the campaign's Web site, the petition has amassed about 4,000 signatures in the past month.

The Bush campaign declined to comment.

'Republican Survivor' Show to Debut

The online cartoon features a deserted island with George W. Bush (stabbing his foot while spearing a fish) and Dick Cheney (naked, with his undisclosed location electronically blurred). There's Tom DeLay, a former exterminator, (squashing a butterfly), John Ashcroft (covering a statue), Katherine Harris (with heavy purple makeup) and Ann Coulter (capturing a bug with her tongue).

It's called "Republican Survivor," an attention-grabbing stunt by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Each week -- the trailer debuts today -- computer users will vote one animated GOPer off the island. Spokeswoman Kori Bernards says the cartoon adventure "will draw more attention to us and our campaign."

Republican Web sites have also gone the animation route, such as depicting John F. Kerry as a not-so-dashing "International Man of Mystery." But aren't some of the island caricatures, well, rather mean? "We made an effort to depict each person in a humorous way," Bernards insists.

Lobbyists Revive Pro-GOP Group

Republican lobbyists Bill Paxon and Susan B. Hirschman announced yesterday the revival of the Leadership Forum, a pro-GOP independent committee, to begin raising large sums of unregulated presidential campaign money to compete with pro-Democratic groups.

"We've been on the runway for a while, but we are finally airborne," Paxon said of the group, which has a new 35-member board packed with federal and state lobbyists, officeholders and GOP strategists.

The Leadership Forum is the second pro-GOP group in two days to say it will take advantage of a Federal Election Commission decision against regulating "soft money" spending by third-party groups. It will coordinate with other independent groups, including Progress for America, GOPAC and the Republican Governors Association.

Staff writers Howard Kurtz and Thomas B. Edsall contributed to this report.