Janklow Secretly

Pardoned Son-in-Law

PIERRE, S.D. -- Former governor William J. Janklow pardoned his son-in-law in 2002 for three drunken-driving and marijuana-possession convictions, according to documents unsealed on orders from South Dakota's highest court.

All together, 218 sealed pardons were made public, after the practice of keeping such actions secret was challenged by news organizations. All but four of the pardons were issued by Janklow.

In an interview, Janklow said he had no idea the pardons could not be legally sealed and that feels "heartsick" for people whose pardon information has been released.

Janklow was elected to Congress in 2002 but resigned last year after being convicted of manslaughter in an auto accident that killed a motorcyclist. He served 100 days in jail and was released last week.

Among the records released was the 2002 pardon of William Gordon Haugen II, husband of Janklow's daughter Shonna. It covered drunken-driving convictions in 1983 and in 1997, and a 1993 conviction for marijuana possession.

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