Tomorrow brings the dedication of the National World War II Memorial, located in the middle of the Mall to honor the 16.4 million Americans who served in the military and the many millions who served the war effort on the home front. This special commemorative section, created by The Washington Post's newsroom, is designed to enhance the occasion.

The section provides perspective and practical information about the memorial. A lead essay reflects on World War II's global magnitude and legacy in preserving liberty and human values. A graphic primer shows maps of the Atlantic and Pacific theaters of the war. Personal reminiscences and memorabilia of the war poignantly illustrate the sacrifices made by a generation of Americans. You will also learn about the debate over the project's site, as well as about the designer's vision for the memorial.

The section includes schedules and maps showing seating plans for the dedication ceremony and areas open to people without tickets. It also contains information about other weekend events related to World War II.

The National World War II Memorial will serve to remind future generations of the significance of World War II and the courage and determination of those who served in it. We hope that this special section will contribute to your understanding of this national tribute.

Boisfeuillet Jones Jr.

A field of 4,000 stars at the National World War II Memorial represents the more than 400,000 Americans killed in the war.