Tornadoes continued to batter the Midwest on Sunday, killing one person in a southern Indiana town after three people were killed the night before in Missouri.

Several people were injured by the weekend's tornadoes, which also ripped through parts of Nebraska and Kansas, where strong winds were blamed for two highway deaths.

In Marengo, Ind., about 35 miles northwest of Louisville, witnesses said a tornado toppled trees and killed a man in a mobile home. High winds also destroyed houses and businesses in the town of about 1,000 people.

The National Weather Service in Indianapolis said a tornado apparently touched down near its office. The worst of the storm passed south of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, but rain delayed the start of the Indianapolis 500 and forced a nearly two-hour interruption.

A tornado reported in Spencer, about 50 miles southwest of Indianapolis, sent about 30 people scrambling to find cover in a bathroom at a gas station. The twister "jumped over our store and touched down on the road in front of us. I was freaking out," said Billie Jo Roecker, assistant manager of the Speedway gas station.

On Saturday night, a tornado hit northwest Missouri near the town of Weatherby, leveling a house and ripping a mobile home from its base. Two women in the house and a man in the mobile home were killed, but two children a patrolman found tucked underneath the man survived, police said. The children and two others from the women's home were hospitalized; three of the children were in critical condition.

Mike Hudson, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service, said tornadoes were reported in six other Missouri counties.

In Kansas, wind was blamed for two deaths in separate accidents Saturday on Interstate 70 in the northwestern part of the state, including that of state Sen. Stan Clark (R).

Cora Evans, left, of Frazier, Mo., and Michelle Beattie of St. Joseph, Mo., help pick up items after a tornado destroyed a home near Weatherby, Mo.