Man Wrecks Town With Bulldozer

GRANBY, Colo. -- A muffler shop owner reportedly angry over a zoning dispute with the local government tore through town Friday in an armored bulldozer, smashing buildings and firing shots as police tried to stop the slow-motion rampage.

The rampage left a trail of splintered structures in this tourist town outside Rocky Mountain National Park, but there were no immediate reports of injuries.

"Gunfire was just ringing out everywhere," said Sandra Tucker, who saw the bulldozer begin the rampage while she was at her office on Main Street. "It sounded to me like an automatic rifle, firing about every second."

By late afternoon, the bulldozer had come to a stop in the rubble of a metal warehouse. Police officers clambered on top, apparently trying to talk to the driver, whose condition was not known.

Rod Moore, speaking by phone from his auto garage and towing company, said he saw a police officer firing shots into the top of the armored cab and dropping an explosive down the bulldozer's exhaust pipe.

"He just kept shooting," Moore said of the driver.

* MIDLOTHIAN, Ill. -- Brett Carlson, 26, was charged with murder and four counts of attempted murder after he allegedly stabbed five people at a suburban strip mall, killing a 1-year-old girl, before a bystander clubbed him over the head with a flashlight and restrained him until police arrived, authorities said. Police said the attacks Thursday appeared to be random.

* NEW YORK -- As many as 10,000 third-graders could be held back this year because they did not pass citywide reading and math exams, according to test results released by the Education Department. Even though the city spent $8 million preparing pupils for the exams, 11,700 of the 80,000 third-graders in New York City public schools failed one or both of the tests.

* CHICAGO -- The Department of Health and Human Services denied a petition from Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich (D) for a pilot program to buy prescription drugs from Canada. Blagojevich has said the pilot project would save the state $91 million.

* MINNEAPOLIS -- Two police officers, Jeff Jindra and Todd Babekuhl, who were accused of sodomizing drug suspect Stephen Porter with a toilet plunger, were cleared in a federal investigation. The Justice Department found no evidence of a "prosecutable violation" of civil rights laws, Police Chief William McManus said.

* DALLAS -- Angela DiSabella, 19, was charged with capital murder in the death of her baby daughter, who was suffocated with chili powder, police said. DiSabella said she used the spicy powder to try to stop the 5-month-old girl from sucking her thumb. Police said paramedics could not insert a breathing tube because the baby's throat was blocked by the powder.

* BRADENTON, Fla. -- A jury awarded $1.2 million to Pearl Smith, 93, who was stung by a swarm of fire ants in her bed at a nursing home. An attorney for Smith said she is unlikely to collect because the home's operator is uninsured and its debts exceed its assets.

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