Boeing Employees Exposed To Radiation at Naval Base

FALLON, Nev. -- At least two Boeing Co. workers were exposed to potentially harmful doses of radiation at the Fallon Naval Air Station, company officials said.

The two men were exposed over a three-month period while working around an X-ray machine used to check Navy fighter jets for metal fatigue. The machine was staying on when it appeared to be turned off, Boeing officials said last week.

Base and company officials were still trying to determine how the malfunction happened and the exact amount of radiation each man received. Meanwhile, officials have stopped X-raying aircraft at the base.

"We are working closely with the Navy in investigating this incident, as well as providing the necessary health care for those employees involved," Boeing spokesman Paul Guse told the Lahontan Valley News and Fallon Eagle Standard. An official at the Navy Radiological Affairs Support Office declined to comment.

Guse said four employees were exposed to radiation but only two workers received high enough doses to cause physical symptoms. The two men have been examined at a California hospital and allowed to return to work, but the full health effects of the exposure are not yet known, he said.

* LUTZ, Fla. -- Vandals broke windows of an Islamic center in a Tampa suburb and scrawled the words "Kill All Muslims" on the walls inside, Islamic officials said Saturday. The graffiti at the Community Education Center, written in marker and crayon, included a derogatory message about Allah.

* ST. PAUL, Minn. -- A Northwest Airlines flight headed to Rapid City, S.D., landed a few miles off course at Ellsworth Air Force Base, and passengers had to wait in the plane for more than three hours while their crew was interrogated. Passengers on Northwest Flight 1152 Saturday were told to close their window shades and not look out, passenger Robert Morrell said. Eventually, the captain and first officer were replaced by a different Northwest crew for the short hop to the right airport.

* CARBONDALE, Ill. -- A pickup truck traveling in the wrong lane slammed into a car filled with people on their way to a family reunion Saturday, killing five of the six people inside. The truck driver, Jason Kyle King, 31, of Cypress, Ill., and the sixth occupant of the car, Eric Taylor, 4, of Milwaukee, were seriously injured. Police said the dead were Chantel Mason, 25, Tonia Conley, 30, Unique Harris, 23, Veleka Fleming, 27, and Derrion Sutton, 7.

* PHOENIX -- A fire broke out Sunday behind a housing development on the Fort Apache Reservation, forcing the evacuation of 800 to 1,000 people, a tribal spokeswoman said. The 110-acre fire threatened 200 to 300 houses in Whiteriver and came within 100 yards of some homes, but no structures had been damaged by Sunday evening.

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