Bomb Kills Election Workers

In Eastern Afghanistan

JALALABAD, Afghanistan -- A bomb killed two women working for the U.N.-Afghan election agency and wounded nine female poll workers and two children on Saturday, in one of the worst attacks on preparations for elections.

The ousted Taliban militia asserted responsibility for the attack, which was a further setback for President Hamid Karzai's efforts to bring peace to a country President Bush has described as a role model for Iraq.

The blast in the eastern city of Jalalabad destroyed a bus taking the Afghan women to register female voters for the elections scheduled for September, which Islamic militants have vowed to disrupt.

The Middle East

* TEHRAN -- Iranian police blamed Britain and the United States for bumper poppy crops in Afghanistan that are exacerbating social problems in Iran, where more than 2 million people are drug addicts.

Iran marked the U.N. International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking in Tehran by blowing up a huge mound of seized drugs topped with a picture of a monster with red eyes.

They chanted "Death to America" as the contraband exploded.

Iran is the main route for Afghan drugs heading west.

* LONDON -- Saudi Arabia's temporary amnesty for Islamic militants will not prevent relatives of their victims from taking legal action, the Saudi ambassador to London said.


* PUSAN, South Korea -- The body of Kim Sun Il, the South Korean who was beheaded by militants in Iraq, arrived home, where his family has been waiting to hold a funeral.

A black Cadillac carried Kim's coffin to a hospital in Pusan at about 9 p.m., along with his bag, a CD player, a guitar and other belongings from his one-year stay in Iraq.

Kim, 33, an Arabic interpreter and devout Christian who dreamed of missionary work in the Arab world, was decapitated after Seoul rejected militants' demand to pull military medics and engineers out of Iraq and drop plans to send more troops.

* JAMMU, India -- Suspected Islamic rebels raided a village in Indian-controlled Kashmir and shot to death 12 Muslims while they slept, police said. The attack came a day before talks between India and Pakistan on easing tensions in the Himalayan region.


* ISTANBUL -- A bomb hanging from an Istanbul overpass exploded in an apparent anti-NATO protest as police secured the area, but no one was injured, the state-run Anatolian news agency reported.

The blast, the latest in a series of explosions in Turkey, came amid heightened security concerns two days before a NATO summit was scheduled to begin in the city. President Bush is one of more than 40 world leaders expected to attend.

* BERLIN -- A German court ruled that 95-year-old Friedrich Engel, known as the "butcher of Genoa" for his role in the massacre of 59 Italian prisoners in 1944, is too old for prison. It threw out a lower court's murder conviction.

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