U.S. Medical Students Leave Cuba

Ahead of New Travel Restrictions

HAVANA -- American medical students in Cuba have rushed back to the United States, missing their final exams, fearing that U.S. authorities would jail or fine them after new Bush administration rules went into effect that tighten restrictions on travel to Cuba.

The U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control issued a notice June 25 saying the students could stay until Aug. 1. But many students didn't get the word in time.

James Cason, the top U.S. diplomat in Cuba, said he wasn't aware that the nearly 80 students were cutting their education short. "It wasn't our intention," he said. "We'll have to get word to them somehow."


* GAZA CITY -- Israeli helicopter gunships fired missiles into metal foundries in the Gaza Strip Sunday, wounding six people after a day of renewed violence in which three Palestinians and an Israeli settler were killed.

One of the attacks knocked out a nearby electric transformer, plunging part of the city into darkness, residents said.

One Palestinian was killed trying to infiltrate a Jewish settlement, another was shot dead after a car chase involving Jerusalem police, and a youth was killed in a Gaza town. Earlier, Palestinian gunmen killed a 49-year-old settler in an ambush on a West Bank road.

* JERUSALEM -- Israel seemed to be offering a glimpse into its secretive nuclear program when its atomic energy commission launched a Web site. However, Internet surfers hoping to find details of the country's nuclear secrets or even a clear picture of the reactors will be disappointed. The site does not mention Israel's nuclear capabilities.

"We are not going to put everything on the site," said Gideon Shavit, spokesman for the Israel Atomic Energy Commission.


* ISLAMABAD, Pakistan -- A third Afghan woman has died of wounds suffered in a bomb attack on women working for a U.N.-backed voter registration body, the United Nations said. Taliban rebels asserted responsibility for the attack and vowed to disrupt national elections.

In Paktia province, near the border with Pakistan, a U.S. soldier was wounded by an improvised bomb, a military spokesman said. A Taliban spokesman said rebels had targeted a U.S. military vehicle just outside a U.S. military base in Paktia province late in the morning.

* TAIPEI, Taiwan -- Tropical storm Mindulle pushed toward South Korea after killing at least 46 people in the Philippines and Taiwan, officials said. Twenty others were missing and feared dead.

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